We’ve found that many times, you’ll look up a team of Tulsa plumbers online, give them a call, and find out that when they come by to visit your place, they have no clue how to fix your issue. Really, how frustrating would that be to have a guy come out and not deliver on what he professes to do? While some jobs may really require a ton a work, you can count on our team of Tulsa plumbers at King Plumber to be able to tackle any problem head-on. In fact, we’ll likely go through a checklist with you on every aspect of plumbing repair, additions and maintenance we have to offer with each visit. For your convenience, we’ve listed out just 25 different areas we can work through and solve for your home or office or commercial space today!

25 Ways King Plumber Can Solve Your Plumbing Needs

  1. Drain Cleaning
    1. As the home of the $60 drain clean, you can ensure that for your first-time call, we will provide you with a drain cleaning that beats the competitors by almost 50%! It’s quite the deal and it’s our way of showcase that we’re committed to proving that we’re the best resource of Tulsa plumbers out there.
  2. Hot Water Heater Replacement
    1. When your hot water goes out, that’s bad news. Especially when part of your wake up call every morning is to jump in that hot shower and work on your karaoke mix for Thursday nights at Applebee’s! Call King Plumber today to be able to receive some speedy service on replacing that hot water heater and getting back to your morning groove.
  3. Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation
    1. Some homes may have a tankless hot water heater set up too. This actually provides the homes with some estimates of 30% to 50% savings on energy. That lead to over $100 you’ll save in the next year! If you’d like to get your tankless hot water heater replaced or switch to you, we’re just one dial away!
  4. Hot Water Heater Recirculating Pumps
  5. Slab Leaks
    1. If your water bill is going up for no reason or you are seeing some cracks in the foundation, it’s time for you to consider the fact that you may have a slab leak! There are other tips that you can find out about for identifying slab leaks…or by calling us, we’ll be happy to provide security that only expert Tulsa plumbers can provide.
  6. Room Addition Plumbing
  7. Kitchen/Bath Remodel Plumbing
    1. Did you just look in your bathroom today and think, man…I could really use an upgrade? Or maybe you’ve had a kitchen that’s quite outdated in design and really want to spice it up? Well for all the plumbing to be installed correctly and efficiently, it’s safe to go with Tulsa plumbers that have been doing this year after year. It’s time to work with King Plumber on your next bathroom or kitchen remodel.
  8. Vanity Additions
  9. Bathtub Installations
  10. Shower Valve Installations
  11. Outside Faucets/Hose Bibs Replacement
    1. This is one the things we see the most when it comes to outdoor necessities for the home. It’s almost hard not to find a damaged faucet or hose bib setup on the outside of the home. Get in touch with us today to receive a speedy replacement.
  12. Kitchen Sink/Garbage Disposal Installation/Replacement
    1. Are you switching out your kitchen sink faucet? Or did you just install new granite countertops? Think your current plumber is a total fraud?
    2. Over time, this a common thing that wears out in the home, especially if you are a cooking fanatic. The garbage disposal is an essential part of your cooking process. By not having a functional garbage disposal or not having one at all, you are costing yourself a lot of conveniences. For a working garbage disposal and a whole kitchen setup that’s fit for a king, it’s time to call King Plumber today.
  13. City Water Meter Replacement/Installation
  14. Yard Leaks
  15. Drain Leaks
  16. Ceiling Leaks
  17. Leaky/Dripping Faucets
  18. Total Leak Detection
    1. Leaks happen all the time. With your yard, the drains and in your ceiling. It’s something super annoying to deal with and it usually doesn’t happen at the most convenient time either. The leaky faucet too inside the home can literally haunt you in your nightmares and keep you from your precious beauty sleep. That’s why you’ll want to call King Plumber to make sure that the team of Tulsa plumbers really digs deep to make sure that there aren’t any major problems other than the leaks taking place in your home. Often times, there are!
  19. Certified Septic Tank Installation
  20. Main Waterline Replacement/Repair
  21. Sump Pump Failure
  22. Running Toilets
    1. This is a common culprit for costing people lots of money. When a toilet just keeps running and running, there’s wasted water and energy that ultimately stacks up on your paycheck. Take a step to care about the environment and your water bill by calling King Plumber today. Our team of Tulsa plumbers will get right on the case and solve the issue right away!
  23. Low Water Pressure
    1. This could be one of the things you’re definitely missing in your life. The difference between a weak shower faucet or sink faucet versus a water flow that is almost violent is out of this world. Taking the time to work with King Plumber and get this solved will make your life better and your showers a lot more pleasant.
  24. Washer/Dryer Installation
    1. Getting a washer and dryer installed in your home could be a God-send for your home maintenance. Taking trips to the laundromat constantly costs you money. Plus by operating with an old washer or dryer, you’re having to constantly go through dry cycles. This could definitely be costing you money and that’s why working with King Plumber is important to make sure the equipment you’re using functions to the best of its ability.
  25. Backyard Gas Barbeque Installation