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We all know how frustrating a slow flowing drain can be. Even more frustrating however, is a drain that doesn’t work at all. Do you have a drain that needs to be cleaned? We are experts at providing solutions for various types of drains and drain issues. Call us today. 

We will discuss your issue beforehand so that you are not hit with any unexpected costs or fees.

How Can You Tell if a Drain is Clogged?

It’s pretty easy to tell if a drain is clogged. If your water takes longer to drain than normal, if there is an odor from the drain, or if your toilet is difficult or slow to flush – these are commons signs your drain is clogged or has a build up. 

Why Hire a Professional Drain Cleaner?

A drain can slowly build up over time. By using a company that does not use a full and standard drain cleaning approach, you can end up having to call for multiple fixes over time instead of a single fix. Whenever we come to clean a drain, we don’t just do a temporary fix, but also one that removes other drain slowing debris as well, such as build up. 

Why Choose Us?

King Plumber strives to provide a different level of customer service and quality of work. We have decades of experience and a team with a long history of providing expert solutions to various plumbing issues. 

Do you want to know what your friends and neighbors are saying about us? You can visit our reviews page and see for yourself.

Call us today at 918.813.4813 to have us send out one of our expert Plumbing Technicians.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Mark knows his stuff got a drain unplugged for me that what plugged up for years. I thought it was so bad that I would have to cut into the slab to get it cleared out, but somehow Mark cleared the whole thing out saving me thousands of dollars. He is also the fastest plumber I have ever worked with!

Ben Castagna

Excellent work and trustworthy guys to have on the job! They use the best replacement parts to give you lasting results.

Shaun Schaefer

Great service and he knew exactly what the problem was and didn’t charge an arm and a leg! He has also helped a lot of people I know and has done an incredible job every time. I honestly wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Kyle Willson

Mark has completed multiple jobs for me with excellence and professionalism. His prices are very fair and he always ensures the job is satisfactory.

Elvis Wright