About King Plumber

It’s time for you to work with a plumber that provides the luxury treatment, to you as a customer, to your home and to your commercial space. At King Plumber, that’s the whole reason why we’re in business. We are here to deliver the kind of dedicated service you deserve. No longer will you accept service that isn’t fit for a king. We seek to continually provide the commitment to your home that lasts for a long time. In fact, take a look below and you’ll find four main areas where we top the competition.

We Wear Polos

Why would we make this an important aspect of how we stand out? Well with Tulsa plumbers in general, you may know the stigma. The guys that come to your place don’t dress well and often, do not smell well either. They come with their stains and their dirty old shirts and often times, do not care enough about making sure that your place is left spotless after the job is done.

We do things a little differently here at King Plumber. As a growing resource and team of Tulsa plumbers, you’ll find that we will wear polos. Not just any old polo either that we got from our parents for Christmas, but nice polos that fit well. It may not matter much to you, but this is an area we are taking advantage of by going a step further in the quality we have with our look and your experience working with us.

We’ll Leave No Job Behind

While there are certain areas of safety and concern we address with work, we have found that many Tulsa plumbers are just not willing to get down in the dirt and do what has to be done to solve the problem. Our team members can tell you that they’ve been called to homes because the original Tulsa plumbers that came by just decided not to do the work! How can you rely on these other companies if they just simply will not do the work??

With King Plumber, you’ll find that one of our mottos is that we’ll leave no job behind. It’s our privilege and duty to work with you and clean up the situation that’s affecting your home…or wherever the problem is! If we have to get a little dirty to deliver, then that’s what has to happen!

Crystal Clear Follow-Up & Feedback

Have you ever hired a team of Tulsa plumbers to come to your home…and they just didn’t show up? Or maybe they did show up, but it was several hours after the scheduled time for them to come fix your problem? Is this not one of the most infuriating things that really just makes your blood boil?

At King Plumber, this is one of the things we’ve seen time and time again with other Tulsa plumbers. They simply cannot get their act together. That’s why we’re growing and the other guys are just left not making any money and leaving people unsatisfied. Schedule a time to work with us today and we can assure you, we’ll do our darndest to be their on-time and fulfill your work to the utmost level.

Materials & Tools Fit for a King

If you’re looking for a team of Tulsa plumbers to give you the cheapest service out there, then I’m sorry to say that you’ll probably receive cheap results. Because when you sign on with a plumber who gives you really low rates, you also sign on for people who don’t pay for the best materials and equipment available to you, the homeowner!

That’s why when you work with King Plumber, you’ll only find materials and tools that are fit for a king. The king has the best that is available and with our work, you’ll find it to be true for your home as well.


If you still haven’t given us a call yet for plumbing work that really needs to get done for your home or your office or your commercial space, then it’s time that you FINALLY call King Plumber. We’re the guys for the job, every time. And for any first-time customer, we are the home for the $60 drain clean. Where you’ll spend roughly twice as much with other Tulsa plumbers, you’ll get fantastic results with us and save on our $60 drain cleaning deal. Give us a call at (918) 813-4813 and receive service fit for a king!